Find out how you can expand on your CRM activities using InterECM's online email marketing software.
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Online marketing benefits take the worry off your brow. Find out more today!
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InterECM's mass mailing software is now available for purchase! InterECM's email marketing solution gives you better presence and effectively reduces your long-term marketing expenditures!
Mass mailing software like InterECM give you better growth options at a low cost.
The Product
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InterECM´s online email marketing software can literally do wonders for your business. It´s the marketing edge many booming and established businesses already own and here´s why:

InterECM works off only the most essential campaign management functionalities so you have a simple and effective marketing tool for:

  • A recurring advertising presence
  • Ad hoc or batch-based communication deliveries
  • An easy & straight forward way to view your customer participation levels

It´s unlike any other email marketing solution because of its scalable management capabilities. And since it´s a hosted web based email marketing engine, you can develop, deploy, execute, monitor and track your marketing communications from anywhere in the world!

InterECM´s attention to personalization also means you will soon be talking to your customers instead of at them!

InterECM allows you to:

  • Keep in touch with customers and prospects
  • Communicate cheaper than with direct mail
  • Build long-term, profitable relationships
  • Send great-looking HTML emails with graphics or plain text
  • Track your email marketing campaign responses
  • Send great-looking HTML emails with graphics or plain text
  • Deliver campaigns on the go
  • Extend your market reach at a much lower cost
  • View real-time reports and analytics

Explore the benefits offered by InterECM.

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